Meet Our Dogs – The Reason We Got Started

When we wanted to know what the ingredients in our dog’s food were, we didn’t realize it would lead to a hobby of dog food research. We’ve studied everything related to using the canine diet to sustain health… because of these two dogs who depended on us for everything they needed.


Caliber presented us with two problems that are now so common: Allergies and easy weight gain. Find out what this fun-loving dog loves the most, and how adjusting his diet helped heal his allergies and maintain a healthy weight.

Meet Caliber


Sage is almost the opposite of Caliber, able to eat and handle nearly anything without a problem. His willingness to try any new food has made him the official taste-tester for our treats and holiday recipes!

Meet Sage


We hope that as you follow this blog, you will find information that is easy to use in your daily quest to give your dog health and longevity. We believe health and healing start with your dog’s diet.

So, we will do our best to compile accurate information regarding dog food and health conditions for you.

At the end of each article, we make the point to include our sources so that you can check them out and stretch your research further by exploring other blogs and resources.