It took us weeks to finish debating names for this blog. We finally settled on My Satisfied Dog, and here’s why:

There is an abundance of carbohydrates, cheap nutrient feed supplements, and anti-nutrients in commercial dog foods. The diet these ingredients make up isn’t satisfying. Wouldn’t your dog take second helpings?

Dogs are naturally scavengers, eating when food comes around and always wondering when it will come next. Even when they eat the same food, at the same times, the same number of times every day. Anytime they get the opportunity they snatch up that food.

Healthy Fats vs. Energizing Carbs

In this blog we will teach you:

  • How replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats will satisfy your dog. Healthy fats, with sufficient protein, tells your dog’s body that he is being well fed. This keeps his metabolism out of survival mode and in thrive mode. It will create satisfaction mentally, metabolically, and in the immune system.
  • We’ll talk about how to understand commercial dog foods, and how to sort the facts from the marketing and the quality from risks.
  • Our series Healthy Additions will teach you how to add some amazing foods to your dog’s diet for optimal health!

Let’s develop a satisfying diet for your loyal companion!

– Cassy Kay and Ivy Alexis