Publication planned for Summer 2022!

This 70+ page booklet will introduce what medical alert service dogs are, what they can do and how they are trained.

Featuring stories of owner-trained medical alert dogs!

In the first few chapters I cover these frequently asked questions about medical alert service dogs:

  1. What is a medical alert service dog?
  2. What’s the difference between a medical alert dogs and a medical response dog?
  3. What conditions can medical alert dogs recognize?
  4. Do I qualify for a service dog?
  5. Is a service dog worth it?
  6. Can I train my own service dog?
  7. What does a medical alert look like?
  8. What is the best choice for an alert?
  9. Can dogs alert to multiple conditions?
  10. And how can a medical alert dog help with my condition?

Many Types of Medical Alert Dogs

A special chapter talks about each of the different types of service dogs in action today. We talk about how dogs alert to seizures, diabetes, allergens, asthma and COPD, mast cell activation syndrome, cardiac events, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, anxiety, migraines, paralysis, narcolepsy and Addison’s disease. Included with each type of alert dog is a list of tasks that may help mitigate each disability.

Research on Medical Alert Dogs

I have dedicated a chapter to the research and studies done on medical alert dogs (i.e. diabetic alert and seizure alert dogs). These studies look at the reliability, effectiveness and accuracy of trained medical alert dogs. I also discuss the newest scientific information and how alert dogs compare with medical technology (example: continuous glucose monitors).

Training Medical Alert Dogs

This is not a “how-to” book, but rather an introduction to the many types of medical alert service dogs and an overview of how they are trained. The last two chapters are packed with resources for selecting, raising and training your own medical alert service dog. All resources recommended in this book are from professional trainers who want to help you in your service dog training journey.

Training My Own Medical Alert Dog

In Chapter Seven I share what I have learned from training my own medical alert dog. I share advice I received from fellow owner-trainers, lessons my dog taught me, and tips for getting started. I also share some of my training journal pages to give you a feel for what the training process looks like. You will see how a beginner medical alert dog trainer progresses, including my mistakes.

Research and Sources

The Research and Sources section at the back of the book will include all the books, videos, websites, and anything else I referenced while writing this book. Feel free to follow up reading this booklet with more research of your own!