Garlic, a Healthy Addition?

Now depending on what you’ve read about garlic, you’re either thrilled that I’m including this healthy addition, or you’re confused at best, and thinking “Are you trying to poison my dog?” at worst.

For those in the latter category stay with me and give me a chance to address all the controversy.


Why So Controversial?

Garlic is a member of the allium family. Other members include onions, leeks, and shallots.

Most vets will advise you to never feed your dog any foods in this family because they believe it can cause Heinz body anemia.

The problem though is only in the amount given. After all, many of us have heard that even water can be toxic in excessive amounts.

This brings me to a study, one of the main reasons garlic has gotten such a bad name. In the year 2000 five students of Hokkaido University did an 11-day study on the toxicity of garlic in dogs.

Many vets and other sources will reference this study. The catch? The dogs were given massive amounts. For example, an 80-pound dog would’ve been given the equivalent of 40 cloves!

Now let me ask, would you not get sick from eating that much garlic in one sitting?

So, please don’t be afraid of hurting your dog by using garlic. Common sense and a few dosage rules will open the door to so many benefits.


Benefits of Garlic? Absolutely!

Natural antibiotic: The abundant enzymes, micronutrients, and chemical compounds in garlic can help in eliminating pathogenic bacteria. Allicin, in particular, is the compound that provides potent antioxidant properties.

Anti-tumor: This Healthy Addition can help impede tumor growth by enhancing tumor-crushing immune cells! To understand more about this read on to the next benefit as the process is very similar.

Anti-cancer: In many studies, garlic has been shown to have potent anti-carcinogenic properties. The numerous sulphur compounds are believed to be responsible for this effect. This is one of the main reasons it’s a favorite among holistic vets as well as human homeopaths.

Flea control: Many pet owners use garlic as a flea repellent. The basic premise is that after you feed it, your dog will carry the characteristic smell in his skin and since fleas don’t like this smell they leave him alone. (Don’t worry you shouldn’t notice the smell.)

While there aren’t many studies confirming this use, there are plenty of anecdotes that tout the effectiveness, and with all it’s other great benefits, adding some to your dog’s diet in hopes that it will repel fleas certainly won’t hurt anything.

Sound good? And these are just a few of the awesome benefits!


Are There Any Real Risks?

Although safe for most dogs, garlic isn’t recommended for puppies six months and younger. For still-developing dogs over six months, feed half the regular dose.

Do not feed to dogs who have, or are suspected to have anemia.

Please consult with a holistic veterinarian if your dog has any liver or heart disorders, is currently on any medication (aside from flea and heartworm), or is pregnant or nursing.


So How Do You Feed It?

Now that we’ve addressed the controversy and discussed the benefits, it’s time to learn how you should feed garlic to your dog.

Mix the appropriate dosage into your dog’s food or feed it to them straight if they’ll eat it that way. You could also make a daily treat with flea repelling ingredients. Fresh is best, organic being ideal, but the powder would work in a pinch. When using a powder feed half the regular dose.

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Here’s a great garlic-focused treat recipe. My dogs love them!

Of course, I like my treats to be loaded with healthy ingredients so these also utilize antioxidant-rich berries, the superfood coconut oil, and the wonderful curcumin-powered spice, turmeric. So, make these knowing you’re providing your dog not only a yummy treat but also great health!

garlic treats for dogs


Will you be adding garlic to your dog’s Healthy Additions list?


– Ivy Alexis


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