Healthy Additions

Healthy Additions are foods that offer our dogs health benefits. These foods are extremely beneficial when they become a normal part of a rotational diet for your dog.

Choosing some additions to supercharge your dog’s health is natural with the array of foods God gave us.

A Healthy Addition should be food that gives your dog some extra health benefit that his regular diet doesn’t supply in ample amounts already. Some foods are known for their beneficial health effects.

Healthy Additions include benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-carcinogenic

  • Anti-viral

  • Antiseptic

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-fungal

  • Antioxidant

  • Aiding digestion

  • Immune stimulating

  • Protecting the brain and nervous system

  • Dental health

  • Detoxifying

  • Promoting weight loss

  • Boosting Metabolism

  • Regulating Insulin

  • Analgesic (pain relieving)

  • Allergy Relieving

  • Cardiovascular Health

As you see, some foods and supplements can have substantial health benefits for your dog. The easiest way to get these benefits is to add them to your dog’s diet regularly as whole food supplements. Alternating a set of foods and supplements like dried herbs in his meals works well.



Often a particular food or diet can get a bad rap because of fear. Fear of dangerous effects on health like bad cholesterol and heart disease, or high-calorie eating and weight gain. There will be no ‘bad raps’ in our dogs’ diets, only Harmony. With each Healthy Addition presented, you will find:

  1. What It Is
  2. The Health Benefits
  3. Any Health Risks
  4. How to Feed It


Help us introduce the concept of longevity into the world of canine nutrition! Combine your dog’s healthy diet with Healthy Additions to help him outlive the normal canine lifespan!


– Cassy Kay and Ivy Alexis




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