- Sage


This is my “Sagey boy!” He is four years old now. Just like Caliber, many people guess that Sage is a “she.” Admittedly the red heart tag he wears on his collar doesn’t help.

People often try to guess what breed he is. Some guess him to be a Cockapoo, Whoodle, or even a Labradoodle. Very few people correctly guess Cavapoo. From his coat color to his size he doesn’t look like your average Cavapoo.



Decision Day

When I got him at ten weeks old his siblings were all tricolored pups who weighed in at maybe 3 lbs. while he was just under 10! He was the odd one out in just about every way. I had made the mistake of basing my would-be choice on the appearance. (Though now I think he’s by far the cutest!) I was convinced when we went to get our pup we were coming home with an adorable tricolor female.
Well, of course, I learned what every dog owner does. You don’t pick the dog, he (or she) chooses you. The puppies came out while I sat in the puppy pen. Sage was the last one to come out. While all the other pups were running around, and coming to me for the occasional nibble or lick, Sage had made himself at home lying down right next to me.

After Sage was taken outside for a break, I spent time with the only other pup left. Ironically, I’d narrowed it down to the runt of the litter or the pup triple his size. As soon as he was gone, I realized I missed that big sable boy. By the time he was brought back inside the choice was made and we took Sage home.

Sage’s trip home!

The Learning Stages

Sage was a quick learner. He learned to sit, stay, and high five within the first few months after we got him. Sage is an absolute love with his family but can be a bit timid around strangers. It became clear when he was about eight months old that I needed to work on socializing him. I worked to get him more comfortable around people by taking him to pet stores, dog parks, and 4H dog meetings. He gained a lot of confidence from it.

Sage Saying Hello!


Sage has earned many nicknames. Mom said he looked like a little Ewok when he was a puppy, but that comparison faded when he lost the black strip of fur between his eyes. He was called klutz throughout his puppyhood too because he could never seem to manage his over-size paws. He’d bump into things all the time. While he is much better now, he’s not immune to the occasional super klutzy moment. Dad nicknamed him Sage-arama. Mom played off-of that with Sage-aroony. The strangest nickname story is probably Stickers. I call him that whenever he comes inside with a whole mess of sticker seeds in his fur.

My little Ewok!

Cutest and Quirkiest Trait:

Sage is a dog that enjoys giving and receiving hugs. No, I’m not kidding. I’ve seen the studies that say dogs don’t enjoy hugs. While it may be true that many dogs don’t, it isn’t accurate for every dog. Sage will jump into mom’s lap, put his front paws around her neck, and lay his head right under her chin. Now if that’s not the dog equivalent of a hug, I don’t know what is!

“I want a hug.”


Getting Started!

When Sage was about six months old, Caliber started having allergy issues. I remember one day I was over at Cassy’s house and she had gotten out Caliber’s bag of food. We were both feeding Iams at the time because that’s what the breeder had recommended. She showed me the ingredient label and asked if I knew what “chicken meal” or “corn gluten” was. We concluded that we had to know what these ingredients were. Was corn gluten healthy for our dogs? And what is chicken “meal?”

Little did I know a quick search would turn into a five-year hobby. I started with commercial pet food, which turned into nutrition, then natural health, flea meds, vaccines, etc.

Now I want to share all that I’ve learned with you. I hope you enjoy


-Ivy Alexis and Sage