“PACT” short for People + Animals = Companions Together, is a nonprofit organization that places pets of military personnel and hospital patients with temporary foster families.

PACT makes it possible for military personnel and hospital patients to see their pets again, instead of surrendering them to a shelter. The organization works with volunteers to place pets in caring temporary homes. The average foster period is two months to 2 years.

Fosters are responsible for proper care while the owner covers most of the pet’s expenses: food, vet bills, flea meds, etc. unless the foster expresses interest in taking part or all of these expenses on themselves.

While the pets are in their care, foster homes are required to send owners monthly updates. Many fosters enjoy sending updates much more frequently, sometimes more than once a week. This is a great way to cheer the owner up!


PACT At Work!

PACT started out six years ago just serving the state of Pennsylvania. In 2011, their first operational foster year, they placed four pets with foster families. They have now grown, taking pets and foster applications anywhere in the US. To date, PACT has saved over 400 pets by placing them in foster homes so they can later reunite with their owners.

If it were not for this organization, the men and women who are making sacrifices for our country would have to give up their pets. They would never get to see their best friend again. And, the last thing shelters needs is to take in animals that already have loving homes.

Want to see the results? Watch this video of adorable PACT foster dog, Mya, being reunited with her owners!


You Can Help!

PACT has many ways for you to help out. If you have the time and space (fenced yard is not required) consider applying to become a foster as I have. PACT is always in need of generous people who can give a pet a great temporary home. If fostering is not for you, you can support them by making a monthly, annual, or one-time donation. Visit this page for other ways you can get involved.

If you are currently in a situation where you need temporary care for your pet due to military or medical reasons, please read Eligibility and Requirements and fill out the application included on that page.

Have any questions? Check out their FAQ page or email them at info@pactforanimals.org.


– Ivy Alexis 

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