Planet Paws Releases DIY Recipes for Pet Owners

Planet Paws has been working circles around the pet food industry with natural dog care and nutrition information. And they’ve done it again!

Pet owners now have access to some incredible DIY dog food recipes!

The Planet Paws recipe index includes twenty-four recipes all sorted by health benefit, life stages, and proteins.

Every dog can benefit from a home-prepared diet of fresh, whole foods. Some dogs will especially benefit from the health focuses of Planet Paws’ recipes.


“The sales of these recipes help support Paws for Change and its mission to further education and research in the areas of animal nutrition, the promotion of longevity and well being.”


Raw & Cooked

Choose between a variety of meals designed to be fed raw or cooked. Whatever your preference or concerns, these meals can be safely made and fed to your dog.


Keto Recipes:

Well researched for their healing potential for dogs with cancer, ketogenic diets are excellent when rotated in and out of any dog’s diet.

Ketogenic diets focus on fueling the body with healthy fats that nourish the brain and provide the body’s cells long-term energy. When fed properly, ketogenic diets induce nutritional Ketosis (not to be confused with ketoacidosis). This stimulates the liver to produce ketones which are the brain’s preferred energy source and which have anti-carcinogenic effects.

Consider a ketogenic diet for dogs with chronic symptoms of allergies, leaky gut syndrome, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, and skin diseases that have been fed high-carbohydrate kibble.


Limited Ingredient:

Avoid food allergies and sensitivities with limited ingredient recipes! Dogs with true allergies are extremely sensitive to specific proteins. Novel proteins, unique animal meats, are one of the features of the Planet Paws recipes.



This diet may address a few concerns for some pet owners but mainly addresses bladder stones in predisposed dogs.

These recipes will include low-oxalate vegetables in addition to healthy fats and high-quality protein to support healthy body functions.



Growing puppies have different nutritional requirements than the average adult pet, and these recipes deliver!

Start your dog right with safe ingredients, quality proteins, and brain-nourishing fats.

Fight the predisposition dogs are growing up with towards arthritis, cancer, allergies and other chronic degenerative diseases by starting them on the right diet.


Special Needs, Special Request

Do you have a dog with special dietary needs? Are you addressing a specific health condition? Shoot a message to Planet Paws and request a recipe with your dog’s needs.

Don’t forget the cat in the house! Planet Paws also has a raw recipe for cats.

PP20 Raw Beef Recipe for Adult Cats



Planet Paws’ recipes use high-quality ingredients to reach a balanced bowl of nutrition for your dog. You can be confident that using a rotation of these recipes will provide your dog with excellent nutrition.

DIY pet recipes allow you to choose where to source your ingredients for the best quality.


The Part That’s Up to You

Please pay attention to the details of providing your dog homemade meals. Planet Paws specifically requests that pet owners freeze meats for raw meals.


As with all foods, feed a rotation of recipes for optimum balance in nutrients. Avoid excessive use of any food.

Also, please understand that any changes made to the recipes will affect their nutritional balance.


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