Puppy Raising & Training Resources

This list is a collection of books, videos, and websites on the subjects of puppy raising and training. These resources are listed in order, starting with our favorite must-know training methods, and ending with basic information.

If you have been reading Therapy Dog Journey Part 2: Puppy Training and CGC Steps 1 & 3, then this page was created especially for you! These are the books, online courses, and videos selected for their value in teaching puppies the skills they need to be successful therapy dogs. Look for an emphasis on topics like house-training, bite inhibition, socialization, and more from professional trainers in the descriptions for each resource.

We encourage all of our readers to remember that their dog or puppy will be a unique individual. Your puppy may not respond well to a specific training method and you may have to adjust your mindset to reach your goals. Please keep open minds to combining training methods, being creative, and taking what is best for you and your dog from all training materials.


Puppy Raising & Training Books

Before and After Getting Your Puppy

by Ian Dunbar.

A must-read for all puppy owners! Ian Dunbar’s book takes a wonderful, much-needed look at the stages of development and needs of growing puppies. His book makes it easy to identify exactly what stage your puppy is in and what he needs to be learning. He raises crucial awareness of bite inhibition and socialization. These are incredibly important training aspects for every dog, but especially puppies being raised for therapy work (or other work in the community).

Ian’s Before and After Getting Your Puppy is recommended reading for anyone raising a puppy for work in the community (i.e. service dogs, therapy dogs, police K9s, and more).


The Art of Raising a Puppy

The Monks of New Skete.

An enjoyable, educational, and instructional read! This book by the Monks of New Skete follows the birth and growth of a special litter of puppies. Their story provides valuable insight into the different temperaments and training needs of the individual puppies.

The Monks explain the developmental stages of puppies in an engaging way, touching on the new experiences that come with each new growth period. With their gentle method of leadership and willingness to look at every dog as an individual, their advice is well-suited for the majority of dogs and their owners today.



The Happy Puppy Handbook

by Fernando Camacho.

Another modern, professional dog trainer shares his best advice for raising puppies to be successful in your home and in your community. You will find that Fern emphasizes such important topics for puppy owners like proper socialization with a passionate plea for future pet owners to reach high standards with their new puppies. Whether you’ve raised a puppy before or are starting in with your first, this book is an excellent review in the basics of raising a puppy and a wonderful education for first-time puppy-raisers.


On Talking Terms with Dogs

by Turid Rugaas.

Understanding canine body language will go a long way towards helping you live with your dog. Understanding what certain dog behaviors mean can cut through frustration and aid effective training. Recognizing signs of stress will help you avoid negative experiences with your puppy and raise a confident and stable adult dog. This short book is an easy read and features many helpful pictures, stories, and explanations.


Total Recall: Perfect Response Training for Puppies and Adult Dogs

by Pippa Mattinson.

Everyone desires a dog that will come when called. Pippa Mattinson’s book talks about how to achieve just that. Her book is written with training methods effective for puppies and adult dogs. Your dog’s safety often rests in a good recall, so why not take the time to ingrain the perfect response with your puppy from the very beginning?



Puppy Raising & Training Videos

Top Recommended Video Training:
Ian Dunbar’s How to Train a Puppy Online Course

This thorough, yet inexpensive, course will give you a look at some of Ian’s puppy classes. Without having to attend a class, you can get a look at different kinds of puppies going through their training. Watch real-life examples of Ian’s methods in action and hear his explanations. Helpful stories, presentations and even videos of adult dog classes to show you the results of Ian’s program will inspire you! You will get access to his books and many great downloads as well.

Simpawtico Dog Training

Simpawtico offers training videos with live examples of training scenarios with professional dog trainer Ian Stone. Now you can access Simpawtico’s online training course: Dog Training Essentials. At a reasonable price, you can get professionalinstructions on using training tools, how your dog learns, how to keep your dog focused, basic behaviors, teaching sit, stay, and down, how to walk on a leash, potty training, puppy biting, games and tricks, as well as troubleshooting for common behavioral problems.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Known for being the most popular dog trainer on YouTube, Zak is a leader in training pet owners to use positive methods. Check out his new series showing how he is raising his new puppy!

Pam’s Dog Academy

Find helpful videos on clicker training, including teaching the basic commands to puppies, and agility training steps at Pam’s Dog Academy.


Other Helpful Resources

Dogwise Publishing

This company publishes and sells a wide variety of books for dog owners. Take time to scroll through a section of their resources and you’re sure to find help with any dog-related topic.


Chewy is an excellent source of quality products for your dog. Take advantage of their regular deals, auto-ship option for food and treats and other supplies, and excellent customer service.

The Happy Puppy Site

Whether you want to learn about the development stages of your puppy (click the link above) or learn about a certain dog breed, this site is generally very helpful.

Your Purebred Puppy

Yourpurebredpupy.com is one of the best places to find accurate dog breed reviews. If you are looking to choose a puppy or need to learn about your puppy’s breed this site will help you.


Are you raising a working dog? Here a supplier for quality working and service dog vests as well as natural treats and supplements to help your dog stay healthy and strong while at his job.



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