Service Dog Fundraiser!

September is National Service Dog Month! This is the perfect time to make sure more service dogs can be properly trained to help individuals with disabilities.

That’s why we’re sharing this T-Shirt Fundraiser for Medical Mutts Service Dogs Inc.! All proceeds from the sales of these shirts will go directly to Medical Mutts and be used in the care and training of service dogs. There are two designs available (Scroll down to see the second shirt) and both show the two main goals of Medical Mutts: Saving Dogs and Serving People.

Medical Mutts Service Dogs Inc. serves people with disabilities by training rescued dogs to become service dogs.

Medical Mutts rescues dogs and trains them to be seizure alert and response dogs, diabetes alert dogs, psychiatric service dogs, mobility support dogs, and autism service dogs.

Each dog rescued by Medical Mutts receives the comprehensive training necessary to become a reliable service dog. These service dogs make life safer and happier for children and adults.

Unique Programs at Medical Mutts

Medical Mutts offers several unique programs for dog owners with disabilities.

The Board-and-Train program allows individuals to have their dogs trained by Medical Mutts. And, the ‘Train Your Own Service Dog’ program allows individuals to train a service dog themselves through private lessons, group classes and online classes with the help of professional trainers.

See the rescued dogs in training at Medical Mutts!

Because Medical Mutts works with rescued dogs, their service dogs come in all breeds and sizes!

You can check out Halo the Labrador, Sandman the golden retriever mix, Ray the Chihuahua mix, and many more dogs on their journey from rescue dog to service dog here:

“Medical Mutts is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to training rescue dogs as service dogs and promoting collaboration between dogs and people through science, education and ethical training”.


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