Super Easy Low-Calorie Dog Treats

Here are some easy low-carb treats you can give your dog that are completely healthy.

If your dog is a power-chewer try freezing the treats in bite-size pieces. If you need small training treats cut soft treats or gently steamed foods into small bites.


The Benefits of Choosing Low-Carb Treats

The benefit of using low-carb treats for dogs is that they mimic the biological digestibility of a natural canine diet. No sugar rushes to cause our dogs diabetes or obesity!

Most commercial dog treats are very starchy because they contain lots of grains. Starch and sugars aren’t a natural part of your dog’s diet and they cause lots of inflammation. Hence, sugar is the precursor to obesity and allergies.

Choose from some of these low-carb treats that you can find in your fridge to keep your dog healthy and happy!


Other ideas include sliced zucchini and cucumber, lean meats and frozen yogurt drops. Lean turkey bacon cooked makes a jerky-like treat, just watch out for the sodium.

As with all treats, use some common sense when handing them out and adjust his diet if you plan to use a large number of treats so he won’t gain unnecessary weight.

We encourage you to have your dog perform tricks or obedience commands for his treats as this encourages good behavior and keeps your dog active.


If you are looking for more healthy foods to add to your dog’s diet check out our Healthy Additions series.

my satisfied dog, caliber, super easy low-carb dog treats
Caliber practicing long-distance “Stay” and hoping for a super yummy treat!

Because Caliber dog is a therapy dog, we did lots of training and finding a low-carb and even low-calorie training treat was always helpful because he gains weight easily. Caliber’s personal favorite is boiled eggs, but he also enjoys blueberries and cheese.


– Cassy Kay & Ivy Alexis



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