Veterinarians Push Back Against Over-Vaccination

Your pup’s Vet took an oath. An oath to use his/her knowledge, abilities and training to help and heal. The oath includes an acceptance of the responsibility to continue expanding their education and to prevent animal suffering.

Education on the risks of over-vaccination in dogs has been expanding, thanks to zealous pet advocates. The best news in this controversy is seeing real evidence given into the hands of our vets and to see them accept it and act on it. 

*Disclaimer: This article is not recommending the elimination of vaccinations for dogs. Instead, the goal of this article is to spread education on the risk of over-vaccination and the benefit of conscientious vaccine schedules.


Faithful Veterinarians

Seeing veterinarians rise up to halt over-vaccination is wonderful because it means they are honoring their oath. And in doing so, they honor you and protect your pet against suffering.

By looking at such research as that led by Dr. Ronald Schultz, veterinarians are keeping their “lifelong obligation that continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.”

When putting a voice to the risks of over-vaccination, veterinarians fulfill their pledge to “Use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare.”

Finally, to act on their improved scientific knowledge, to offer pet owners education about over-vaccination, and encouraging conscientious vaccine schedules veterinarians are making good their oath to use their profession for the “Prevention and relief of animal suffering.”


When Veterinarians Fight – We Should Listen

Rodney Habib shares this video of Dr. John Robb, a veterinarian of 34 years experience. Dr. Robb attempts to explain the potentially lethal dangers of the over-use of the rabies vaccination, to an audience of authorities completely unwilling to listen.

Take warning pet owners. Official authorities are not all working hard to protect your pet anymore. Even when experienced veterinarians with extensive scientific research confront them about obvious dangers, they laugh and ignore the problem.

It’s time for pet owners to become educated and know the risks of over-vaccination.

What Are the Risks of Over-Vaccination?

Because vaccines don’t enter the body in a natural way, they incorrectly trigger a backward and exaggerated immune response. This response is the result of a shock to the immune system when the vaccine’s ingredients bypass your dog’s dominant immune protection and instead trigger his humoral immune defenses.

Symptoms of VaccinosisA term that includes any and all symptoms of disease seen following and linked to vaccination. may be visible within minutes, such as with anaphylactic shock, or may not be evident until as much as two years afterward. (1)

Vaccinosis can include a wide range of signs from swelling, hives, lethargy, and seizures, to chronic allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

To learn more about the dangers of over-vaccination read our article: “Are Annual Booster Vaccines Necessary?”



It’s important for pet owners to pay attention when veterinarians, whether they be traditionally trained or holistically trained, speak out against a medical practice.

There’s a sad lack of collaboration between traditional and holistic veterinarians and veterinary practices. Unfortunately, the majority of traditional veterinarians are never presented with the possible risks of vaccine over-use.

And while traditional veterinarians faithfully give out shots, holistic veterinarians often purposefully avoid this routine procedure (whenever it is legal, as with non-core vaccines), and the correct balance of use for this life-saving medicine is never found.

So the next time you receive a notice that your dog is due for his “annual boosters” do some research and consider what the risks are for your dog. Check out the article linked below to learn about the duration of immunity provided by several core vaccines. The results may surprise you!

We encourage you to find a good balance between careful vaccination and a healthy lifestyle to keep your dog satisfied!


For Satisfied Dogs!

 – Cassy Kay & Caliber


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